1 on 1 Coaching

This is a perfect solution if you have working for you, or are, an individual that needs a little guidance in one of the 6 areas of expertise – sales leadership, pitching, presenting, selling, negotiation, facilitating or thinking more creatively. Clients often engage a 6 Degrees coach to support a launch or new initiative; develop skills in a new leader or manager or address one particular skill gap within a business person where one on one coaching is just the right solution. 6 Degrees offers a confidential, practical and bespoke approach to coaching which usually involves meeting with a sponsor or HR to determine the objectives and outcomes

  • Meeting with the coachee to ascertain their needs and motivation for coaching
  • Writing a proposal taking into consideration both meetings with a recommended approach
  • Gaining agreement to proceed with a specific set of objectives and end date
  • Coaching is wrapped around key business milestones, so there is a highly practical edge to all learning
  • A final debrief meeting with HR and the coachee to determine what next or complete the assignment

Every client is different. We think creatively about how we brief, design and implement solutions and how they are embedded afterwards. We will find the right way to deliver your training or consulting solution using a variety of tried and test methods plus more creative and cost effective blended learning solutions.