About Us

Each of us has much more hidden inside us than we have had a chance to explore. Unless we create an environment that enables us to discover the limits of our potential, we will never know what we have inside of us.
– Muhammad Yunus Winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace 2006

6 Degrees is a boutique business development consultancy that has operated successfully in NZ for nearly 20 years. We came into being based on a fundamental belief that training could be more customised, more enjoyable and more practical. We could do things better. Thankfully our ever growing client base thinks so too. With a team of passionate, clever, experienced and bold facilitators, we seek out opportunities to make a difference within our client organisations. And when a client contact leaves, they usually take us with them!

Our clients tend to be large organisations who partner with us over the long term to deliver customised training, practical consulting and break through one on one coaching for their leaders and teams. Our success is, in part, a focus on maximising the strengths of the individual and teams through experiential learning and facilitating opportunities for change.

Our core areas of expertise are:

  1. Leadership

    Whether your need is upskilling new or emerging managers or supporting more experienced leaders, here are areas we support:

    • High performance teams
    • Sales leadership
    • Foundational management/leadership
    • Communicating as a leader
    • Facilitation of strategic planning/ annual planning alongside leader

    Often we recommend one on one coaching of leaders, small group or natural group learning forums depending on your requirements.

  2. Pitching

    When you have a significant opportunity to grow your business (new or current clients) the 6 Degrees team can offer either proactive training or consulting to fortify your approach to pitching and winning new business. Some of these include:


    • Advanced pitch presenting


    • Facilitation of new business planning and retention plans
    • Core compelling proposition and structure
    • Pre pitch consulting with the pitch leader
    • Structure of documents, editing of written text and commentary around use of proposition
    • Visual aid design and full rehearsal of team
    • Post pitch debrief
  3. Presenting

    Every business person benefits from having well honed presentation skills. The ability to persuasively share ideas and convince people of your concepts is invaluable to being successful and building personal profile. Not everyone has a huge degree of innate ability in presenting. So 6 Degrees focuses on building authentic confidence to ensure that structure and delivery is high impact and tailored to the audience. Whether its small group presentations through to large conference environments, we have training or consulting options to suit.


    • Presentation Fundamentals
    • Powerful Presentations
    • Advanced Presentations
  4. Selling, Influencing & Negotiating

    At the core of every growing business is the ability to effectively influence people towards your solution and sell in your products and services. In a competitive environment, small aspects often make the biggest difference. Great sales people identify the right opportunities and move the opportunity through a practical sales process to build commitment which results in a positive outcome.

    6 Degrees offers the following programmes:

    • Entrepreneurial selling
    • Trusted adviser
    • Strategic negotiation and influencing
    • Negotiating to win
  5. Facilitating

    Facilitation is about leading a group towards defined outcomes. It is a high level communication skill and demands both practical skills and a positive mind-set. Whether it’s facilitating meetings with clients, running internal training or facilitating thinking we have a programme that can be customised to your needs. Here are some options:


    • Facilitating outstanding outcomes
    • Train the trainer
    • Facilitating effective meetings


    • Designing and improving internal training
    • Review and commentary on current training
    • One on one coaching of training people
    • Fortifying existing client programmes
    • Facilitating on current internally produced or purchased training programmes
  6. Thinking Creatively in Business

    Great leaders need to think both in a linear and creative way. The complexity of todays’ business environment require business people to be agile in their thinking and explore new ways to tackle old problems. It is increasingly important to disrupt thinking creating bold new ideas. 6 Degrees can provide strong input towards:

    • Team brainstorming
    • Streamlining operational processes
    • Harnessing new opportunities
    • Overcoming business challenges

Our approach to developing a tightly customised solution usually follows these steps:

  1. Meetings to scope the coaching/ training/ consulting objectives and needs
  2. Tailored proposal outline recommended approach
  3. Agree the plan and implement plan around core milestones
  4. Debrief and review
  5. Follow up and review
  6. Assignment completion